Deanna Schober, PN Certified Nutrition Coach

First and foremost, I’m a wife, mom of three crazy kids, and have been a professional photographer for the past 10+ years.

Several  years ago, I found myself a single mom to those three crazy kids. I decided that to be able to take care of them efficiently, I needed to start taking care of myself first.

Through educating myself on nutrition and exercise, I lost about 30 pounds of fat and gained the athletic physique that I had always wanted. Even better, I felt AMAZING. Health issues that had plagued me for years disappeared overnight, and I had more energy in my 30′s than I had had as a teen. I became absolutely fascinated by the connections between what we put in our bodies and our overall health. I wanted to tell the world what I knew. I began to eat, sleep, and breathe fitness and nutrition.

In 2009 I met my future husband, who was also a fitness and health enthusiast. He founded Coach Calorie just before our wedding in 2011, and I began writing guest articles for him.

I knew then that I had to somehow make this my career, in addition to photography. Hey, we only live once, why not do it all?

Thus, IntelliFit was born — a full-service, custom experience of intelligent coaching in fitness and nutrition. To read more about our philosophy, click here.

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